Saturday, January 17, 2009


Aloha bloggers! Well this is the first description of Panca Sukma.. It is actually a family company,i mean small company but numerous of students..yea students! More like a school huh? But this type of school doesnt need books and stationeries like any ordinary schools.Pfft we dont call it a school then haha :P . But then in my point of view it does looks like a school where you will have new friends and still exams. The exam is not as simple as "okay we just leave it blank" Nopee! You have to memorise all the moves and skills. The judges will judge you professionally and would not cheat so don't worry:). There's no point of cheating here.

Do i make an interesting description for you to join? Hahah well if not,lemme tell you some other interesting points..;) Firstly: you can have a very good martial art lesson here coz the teacher is a VERRY professional teacher where he had been winning this martial art world master in the first place so never mess up with him :P (is it or is not?) Hahah i dont know but from what i heard, it's a yes. Secondly:you can join any competition in national and international competitions..but you need to have the coach to suggest if you're eligible to join in or not. [the coach know what's the best for you ;)] Thirdly:Education are number one here so if you guys are having school exams or any other exams you are not force to come for the training session Fourthly:You can go various of places in or out of the country to have shows.. Fun is it? Fifth: Here you will have various of activities with your friendsss..

Now?!!! Does it sounds interesting? Haha :P If you want to join the registration fee will be